fotoIt may be that the phenomenon observed from several Spanish fireball detection stations, including the one at Calar alto, was not the real Star of Bethlehem, but this bright fireball recorded on last 2014 Christmas Eve, around 20:06 UT (21:06 local), was viwed by a large number of people living in Spain. The coincidence with this special night, gives this fireball a plus of interest and mistery, although the real thing is that it was a 100 Kg rock coming from the main asteroid belt.  



bolido 01_11_2014

This fireball, extraordinary due to its long duration (more than 15 seconds), crossed nearly half the Iberian Peninsula, from Cuenca to Murcia and then to Almería's coast vertical, on the Mediterranean Sea. It took place about 02:48 UT on November 1st 2014 and was observerd from several spanish stations.



This bright object is a Orionid with a magnitude of about -10. It is a fireball detached from Halley Comet. This phenomenon took place on October 21st, 2014 about 02:16:49 UT. The initial height of this fireball was about 105 Km over sea level, while the last height was about 70 Km. At that altitude this object suddenly exploded, causing the fireball reaching its maximum brightness.