Fireball over Almería and Granada (South Spain), Aug. 28, 2015

m28agoOn August 28, 2015, at 20:15 UT, a fireball flew over Almería and Granada (South Spain) provinces, travelling from southeast to northeast. This fireball could be observed from several fireball detection stations located at Andalucía, including the one placed at Calar Alto Observatory.

However, this object which is a September Aquarid, could not be viewed from Calar Alto surveillance cameras, as it was too high over the horizon, near Calar Alto zenit.

The fireball started over Almería province at about 97 km above sea level, going northwest and finishing at an altitude of 51 km over Granada province. The impact speed of this object with our atmosphere was of about 74.000 km/h.

Below is the ground path projection and the video from the fireball detection station.