Fireball with sporadic origin on September 27th 2015


Last September 27th about 01:59 UT, a fireball with sporadic origin flew over Sierra de Cazorla at Jaén province (south Spain).

The object was registered at different stations, including our fireball detection station at Calar Alto. It was also seen from Huelva, Sevilla, Sierra Nevada and La Sagra, although the last two only saw the spectral emission.


Unfortunately, at that time, there were some clouds over Calar Alto skies. However, those clouds were not enough thick and the fireball could be observed.

On the image at the left you can see the path over the ground this object followed. As said before, it was over Sierra de Cazorla on Jaén province, north west from Calar Alto.

The fireball started about 112 km of altitude, in the vertical of Villarrodrigo and its final point was about 78 km over the sea level, in the vertical of Villacarrillo.

Below is the video recorded with the Calar Alto fireball detection station.