Comet Encke fragment over the Straits of Gibraltar on October 5th, 2015


At 22:14 UT of October 5th, 2015, a bright fireball passed over the Straits of Gibraltar. In this case, the fireball was produced by a fragment from comet Encke. Due to the clouds, it couldn't be observed from all the stations. However, at Calar Alto, although there were some clouds, the object could be seen with our west surveillance webcam.

The fragment entered into the Earth atmosphere at a speed higher than 100.000 km/h. The impact happened at about 106 km above the sea level in the Straits of Gibraltar vertical. Then, the fireball moved northwestward, extinguishing at about 61 km over Conil (Cádiz) vertical. 

Below is the path followed by this fireball and the video recorded with the Calar Alto west surveillance webcam.