November 15th 2016

A bright fireball could be registered from Calar Alto Observatory surveillance webcams and from the fireball detection station, also located at this observatory. This object, that happened on November 15th at 23:55 local time (22:55 UT),could be also observed from La Hita Observatory. The complete analysis is still not finished.

Portada October 26th 2016

This fireball was observed over the south of Spain at 1:57 local time of October 27th 2016 (23:57 UT of October 26th). It was produced by a fragment detached from a comet (a meteoroid) that impact against our atmosphere with a speed around 94.000 km/h.



September 30th 2016

On September 9th 2016 a slow fireball with cometary orbit could be detected with SMART Project's cameras located in different Observatories in central and south Spain. One of those observatory is Calar Alto Observatory, where this fireball could also be recorded. The fireball flew over Granada province (south Spain) and followed a trajectory from south to north. This object could be seen at 21:38:55 UT (23:38:55 local time) and was reported by eyewitnesses.



September 27th 2016

Around 22:47 local time (20:47 UT) of September 27th 2016, SMART’s detectors registered a fireball over Castilla La Mancha (center-south of Spain). This event could be recorded from fireball detection station operated at Calar Alto, La Sagra, La Hita, Huelva and Sevilla observatories. The north webcam of the Calar Alto Observatory surveillance system could also register this object.



September 9th 2016

About 3:27 local time (1:27 UT), fireball detectors from SMART Project registered a fireball that flew over Granada province (Andalucía - South Spain). This event could be recorded from fireball detection stations that SMART Project operates at Calar Alto, La Sagra, Huelva and Sevilla observatories. Together with SMART's detectors, Calar Alto Observatory surveillance South and West webcams could record the object too.