portadaLast February 24 2016, at 2:32 Spanish local time (1:32 UT), an impressive fireball crossed center Andalucía (South Spain) skies. The object could was registered from one of the Calar Alto Observatory surveillance cameras (the one pointing to West), as well as from the fireball detection stations operated at La Hita (Toledo), El Arenosillo (Huelva) and Sevilla Observatories.

portadaDuring last January 19th to 20th early morning, about 01:00 Spanish Local Time, a spectacular fireball crossed the sky of Southern Spain. This phenomena has been registered from Calar Alto Observatory, as well as from fireball detection stations located at La Sagra (Granada) and La Hita (Toledo) observatories.

portadaDuring the night of December 4th 2015, a bright fireball could be observed at 22h09m UT. The object could be seen from south Spain. This event was observed and registered at Calar Alto Observatory, and also with the fireball detection station operated at La Sagra (Granada), La Hita (Toledo) and Sevilla Observatories.