September 27th 2022

With a very long trajectory and almost parallel to the ground, last night of September 26, at 00:44 UT (02:44 Spanish local time), a fireball could be seen flying over the provinces of Jaén, Granada and Málaga to finish just in the coast of the latter province.

This bright event was registerd with the detectors that the SMART Project operates at Calar Alto (Almería), Huelva, La Hita (Toledo), Sierra Nevada (Granada), La Sagra (Granada) and Seville Observatories.

One of the external camera operated at Calar Alto Observatory in Almería could also record this object.


September 5th 2022

On September 5 at 02:09 UTC, SpaceX launched the Falcon 9 rocket, which was carrying 51 Startlink satellites as well as a Spaceflight Sherpa-LTC, an orbital transfer vehicle. from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. This is SpaceX's 40th mission this year, which aims to provide satellite Internet service from anywhere in the world.

The event occurred around 04:17 UT. The SMART Project detectors that recorded the event are those operated at the Calar Alto observatories in Almería, Sierra Nevada in Granada and La Hita in Toledo.


portadaSeptember 6th 2022

Two fireballs have been observed from the Calar Alto Observatory in Almería on September 1th, 2022. 

The first one occurred at 01:49 UT on september 1th, it crossed the sky of Elche to end up over the province of Murcia. No data is available for the second fireball, only the time of the event: 04:01 UT. The SMART Project detectors that recorded the event are those operated at the observatories of Calar Alto in Almería, La Sagra in Granada, El Aljarafe, Seville, Huelva and La Hita in Toledo.

In any case, some of the external surveillance cameras of the Calar Alto Observatory were able to record both objects. The image on the left shows the trajectory followed by the first fireball crossing the sky of Elche to end up in the province of Murcia, while in the image on the right we can see the second fireball as seen from the observatory.


September 5th 2022

Today around 6h05 Spanish local time (4h05 UT) it was possible to observe the re-entry of the second stage of the Space X Falcon 9 rocket that has put 51 new Starlink satellites into orbit.

The phenomenon has been visible from much of the south and central-east of Spain and has been observed by many people. It has also been recorded by the detectors of the SMART project (Red de Bolides y Meteoros del Suroeste de Europa - Red SWEMN) from Calar Alto, Sierra Nevada, La Sagra (Granada), La Hita (Toledo), Olocau (Valencia), Ayora ( Valencia) and Cullera (Valencia).

In addition, several of the external cameras of Calar Alto Observatory in Almería have also been able to record this impressive event.


August 18th 2022

At 21h18 UT of August 17th 2022, a fireball with an asteroidal origin flew above south Mediterranean Sea, in front of both Morocco and Spain coasts.

This object was registered with the Smart Project detectors operated at Calar Alto (Almería), La Hita (Toledo), Huelva, Sierra Nevada (Granada), La Sagra (Granada), Seville and Aljarafe (Seville) observatories.

Two of the external cameras located at Calar Alto Observatory also recorded the event.