Workshop FAQ

8. Are support letters accepted?

Yes, support letters may be attached to the proposal.

7. May a researcher non affiliated to CSIC or an andalusian university lead a proposal?

It is feasible if adding a co-PI from CSIC or an Andalusian university.

5. What is the maximum amount of telescope time available for legacies?

The time dedicated to legacies should not exceed overall 50-60% of the total number of nights each semester, that is 100-110 nights at most (TBC by the Executive Committee).

4. Can the project submission deadline be extended?

The deadline to submit any project remains fixed on February 14th, 2020 at 23h59 (CET). The title and abstract will be considered definitive then. However, we shall accept changes in the text of proposals (w/o exceeding the 6- (resp 10-)page limit for type 1. (resp. 2) proposals) until MARCH 10th, 2020 (23h59 CET).