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- Standard Stars and On-line Surveys -

Optical Photometric Standards
    Landolt Equatorial Standards
    Stetson Photometric Standard Fields
    The Sloan Digital Sky Survey standard star system
    A catalog of bright uvbyß standard stars - Stroemgren system
    Catalogue of Stellar Photometry in Johnson's 11-color system (UBVRIJHKLMN)

Near-IR Photometric Standards
    UKIRT Faint Infrared Standard Stars
    Elias Standards
    The Y Band at 1.035 microns
    HST/NICMOS IR Standards (Persson et al.)
    ARNICA near-IR Standards (Hunt et al.)

Optical Spectrophotometric Standards
    Oke (1990) Spectrophotometric Standards
    Hamuy (1992,1994) Spectrophotometric Standards
    HST Spectrophotometric Standards
    ING Spectrophotometric Standards
    ESO Sky map of Spectrophotometric Standard stars

Near-IR Spectroscopic Standards
    IRTF Spectroscopic Catalogs

Polarized Standard Stars
    A List of Polarized and Unpolarized Standard Stars for UKIRT
    Polarized and Unpolarized Standard Stars commonly used for FOCAS (SUBARU)

Radial Velocity Standards
    Geneva Radial Velocity Standards -->> Table
      Towards a new set of high-precision radial-velocity standar stars (S. Udry, M. Mayor and D. Queloz, 1999)
      20 years of CORAVEL monitoring of radial-velocity standard stars (S. Udry, M. Mayor, E. Maurice, et al, 1999)
    Radial velocities for 889 late-type stars (Nidever, Marcy, Butler, Fischer and Vogt, 2002 ApJS 141,503)
      Catalogue at CDS
    The catalogue of radial velocity standard stars for Gaia. I. Pre-launch release (Soubiran, Jasniewicz, Chemin, Crifo, Udry, Hestroffer and Katz, 2013 A&A 552,64
      Catalogue at CDS

On-line Surveys
    Digitized Sky Survey (ESO site)
    Digitized Sky Survey (HST site)
    Sloan Digital Sky Survey
    SkyView (Advanced Form)

    Blank Fields
    NIST Atomic Spectra Database Lines Form

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