The Calar Alto Newsletter is intended as a source concerning upgrades to Calar Alto telescopes and instruments. We also wish to use this newsletter, on a semi-annually basis, as an overview of the research which is carried out using Calar Alto facilities.

Calar Alto visiting astronomers are invited to submit short articles with science highlights achieved with Calar Alto instruments.
Issue 1. January 2000
Issue 2. July 2000
Issue 3. February 2001
Issue 4. April 2002
Issue 5. February 2003
Issue 6. August 2003
Issue 7. February 2004
Issue 8. July 2004
Issue 9. January 2005
Issue 10. July 2005
Issue 11. February 2006
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Edited by S.Pedraz , U.Thiele and R.Gredel.

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