FIT3D, a tool for fitting stellar populations and emission lines in optical spectroscopy.


Basic description

FIT3D is a package for fitting optical spectra to deblend the underlying stellar population and the ionized gas, and extract physical information from each component.


Download, Requirements and Installation (Perl Version)
The last stable Perl version of FIT3D can be download here.

FIT3D Perl version requires the following perl modules to be installed in your computer:

Math::Spline qw(spline linsearch binsearch)
Math::Derivative qw(Derivative2)
Astro::FITS::CFITSIO qw( :longnames :constants )

All this modules can be found at CPAN. It is recomended the lastest possible version of PDL.

You need to define an environmental variable, FIT3D_PATH with the directory of your installation. E.g.,
setenv FIT3D_PATH "/home/sanchez/sda2/code/FIT3D" for tcshell
export FIT3D_PATH="/home/sanchez/sda2/code/FIT3D"; for Bash shell

If you do not get any error or warning message you have suscessfully installed FIT3D. Then, add the directory DIR to your PATH. If you find any problem, please send an email to S.F.Sanchez

How to use it?

The basic commands to use FIT3D are the following ones: TBW


S.F.Sanchez et al., 28/01/2013