Meteors and Fireballs

Fireball of June 27, 2015

27Jun portadaLast June 27th, 2015, about 02:48 UT, a fireball flew over Cuenca and Guadalajara Spanish provinces. This fireball was best observed from northern stations, but it can also be viewed at Calar Alto. The object could be seen from both north cameras at the fireball detection station and surveillance webcam. The building on the image is the Calar Alto 2.2m telescope.




Cometary fireball on 6th June 2015

f7JunAbout 22:36:17 UT of June 6th, 2015, a fireball could be observed from the observatories of La Sagra, La Hita and also from Calar Alto Observatory (in this case, from two different cameras). The object happened over Jaén and Ciudad Real provinces.



Fireball on April 30th, 2015


30Abr15On April 30th 2015, at 22:39 UT, a fireball flew over the center part of Spain. The fireball was produced by a detached rock from an asteroid entering into our atmosphere with a speed of 22 Kilometers per seocond. 



Fireballs of 30th and 31st March 2015

bolidoAndaluciaOcc entradaOn March 30th and 31st there were two events concerning fireballs. First one, about 02:39 UT of March 30th, was over Toledo, a city near Madrid. The second one (image on the left) took place at 21:58 UT on March 31st over the west part of Andalucía (South Spain). Calar Alto fireball detection system only detected the object that flew Andalucía's skies, as the one that happened at Toledo was too low over the horizon for the system. However, Calar Alto surveillance webcams could observe both events. 



Fireballs on 27th and 28th December, 2014

Foto Inicial_27We have had a very active Christmas in regard to fireballs. Besides the magnificent earth-grazer on last Christmas Eve, which could be observed in much of Spain, two new objects happened on 27th and 28th of last December. Unfortunately, those fireballs were only seen at Calar Alto detection station and with the external webcams. So no triangulation was possible and we had very little information about them. If you want to see the videos, please click on the read more link below.



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