PMAS Exposure Time Calculator

Source Type
Flux (*) (10-16 Erg cm-2 s-1 A-1) ABmag
Wavelength (A)
Exposure Time (s)

Object Signal counts/pix/spaxel (**)
Signal-to-noise per pix
Object Signal counts/A/arcsec (**)
Signal-to-noise per A and arcsec

The time calculator it is prepared for the standard 2x2 binning mode.
PMAS is a complex instrument which performance depends strongly on the setup
the accuracy of the focusing and the weather conditions. Please take the numbers
derived by this ETC as a pure reference. The real numbers may change within a factor 10.
(*) The flux should be in units of arcsec^2 in case of extended targets.
(**) The derived counts are per spaxel (spatial element, i.e., fiber or lenses),
when the object is extended