1.23m CCD Camera

Summary: The CCD camera is an optical imager with a 17' FOV, mounted in the 1.23m Cassegrain focus 
Current Detector: CCD SITE#2b. [2x2k 24 pixel]    (see the Calar Alto CCD's information)
Focal Station: Cassegrain focus
Instrument Responsible: Astronomy Department
Contact: coords@caha.es

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User's Manual for the telescope and the instrument
User's Manual for the Adquisition and Guiding camera
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New Camera available: DLR-MKIII

A new CCD camera has been made available as a facility instrument by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany.

The DLR-MKIII camera is equipped with an e2v CCD231-84-NIMO-BI-DD sensor with 4k by 4k pixels of 15 micron. In conjunction with the Bonn-Shutter exposure times as low as 0.1s can be achieved with a homogeneity better than 1%. This facilitates the acquisition of bright sources and sky flats. Using the standard 100mm filters in the instrument adapter, the FoV is 21.5 x 21.5 arcmin.

User's Manual for remote observations.

For more details please contact coords@caha.es