IFU Tutorial Tools

FTP info

For the tutorial we have prepared a public FTP with the required software to be installed:
Tutorial's FTP
Additional software and example data can be downloaded from their corresponding webpages, and the following webpages:
CALIFA's distributed Tools
CALIFA DR1 (to download cubes)

Useful files:

Analysis Tools and useful files

Visualization and spectra/maps extraction Tools
  • PINGSoft, is a set of IDL routines designed to visualise, manipulate, and analyse IFS reduced data regardless of the original instrument and spaxel size/shape, it is able to run on practically any computer platform with minimal library requirements (Rosales-Ortega 2011, 2012).
  • Euro3D Visualization Tool:
    Official Webpage
    Old Unofficial Webpage
  • IFSview, a light and stand-along Python coded tool to visualize IFS datacubes (under development): : IFSview webpage
  • Other recommended visualization tools

  • ds9, from version 7, this popular tool contains a new module, encompassed by the new Frame 3D option, which allows users to load and view data cubes in multiple dimensions. It supports only FITS 3D cube format.
  • QFitsView, by Thomas Ott, is a generic FITS viewer program capable of handling IFS data and performing basic analysis operations on practically any OS flavour. It supports only FITS 3D cube format.
  • Other general astronomical packages that include visualisation tools for IFS data are described in the IFS wiki.

Other Tools
  • CALIFAconvert A tool to convert the CALIFA extensions in separated datacubes.
  • PINGSoft

    PINGSoft includes the script:split_califa, which extracts the FITS extensions of the CALIFA data, writing individual files with the appropriate headers for 3D visualisation.