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Summary: CAFE provides high resolution echelle spectra over 3900-9600 angs.
Detector: Andor Tech. iKon 2048 x 2048 CCD.
Focal Station: Mounted at Cassegrain focus.
Aperture: The aperture is limited by the entrance diaphragm, which has an aperture of 200 microns (ie., 2.4 arcsec projected in the sky) .
PI of the CAFE instrument: Sebastian F. Sanchez
Instrument Responsible (co-PI): Jesus Aceituno

The CAFE Project
Project Homepage
Summary of the development of the instrument.
Publications related to CAFE.
Manuals and Guides
Observer's manual
Information of how to use the instrument at the telescope.
CAFE pipeline
Information of how to reduce the data at the telescope, and how to get a copy of the pipeline.
Characteristics of the Instrument
Signal & S/N vs exp. time
Th-Ar lamp identification by orders
Spectral resolution
Commissioning Report
Description, Features, and properties (PDF)

The instrument has been founded by the Spanish Ministery of Science ICTS projects ICTS-2008-24 and ICTS-2009-32 (using FEDER funds), and by the Junta de Andalucia Proyecto de Excelencia P08-FQM-0360. Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional, “Una manera de hacer Europa”.