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Instituto de Astronomia
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Circuito de la Investigacion Cientifica
Ciudad Universitaria
Mexico, D.F., C.P. 04510

Telephone : (+52 55) 56 224 014
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Other Interests
  • History
  • Computer Games
  • Linux/Unix Systems
  • Web Programming (PHP, JAVA, FLASHetc), e.g. Sports,Virtual Saloon
  • C/C++ Programming
  • Games Programming: e.g.Sportland
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Some personal information:

I was born in a small village named Malcocinado in south Extremadura (Spain), on 23 December 1972. I have lived in different places of Spain, but I consider my hometown Lucena (Cordoba). Although I studied my PhD at Cantabria University (1996-2001), I got my degree in Physics at the University of Salamanca (1990-1995). I incorporated to ING in May 1999, where I worked until November 2000. On this year I moved to programming carrier, working at Eresmas SA. as system administrator and web programmer (PHP, JAVA, C, Perl) until May 2002. I returned to astronomy on Augost 2002, when I started a PostDoc at the AIP. In October 2004 I moved to the Calar Alto Observatory, where I worked as Support Astronomer, until July 2008, when I become Resident Astronomer. In May 2009 I was appointed as ARAID researcher by the Science Department of the Aragon Regional Government, that I shared at a 20% basis with my position at Calar Alto. In August 2010, after the final approval of the CALIFA survey, I returned to Calar Alto to lead it. In 2012 I got a "Ramon y Cajal" Fellow at the Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia (IAA), of the Spanish High Research Council (CSIC), where I have been working for 2 years. Recently I got an offer of the IA-UNAM for a position as Staff Researcher, that I accepted. I am currently on transit to my new position in Mexico D.F.