PMAS Characteristics

PMAS parameters at Calar Alto
primary mirror diameter 3.5m
focal station cassegrain
principle of operation lensarray + fiber-coupled spectrograph
spectrograph type fully refractive f/3 collimator and f/1.5 camera
wavelength range 350-900nm (CaF2 optics)
gratings 1200, 600 and 300 gr/mm reflective gratings
linear dispersion approx. 0.35, 0.8, and 1.7 A/pixel, respectively
current detector size 2048 x 4096, 15 micron pixels, 2048 pixels spectral
detector upgrade (Q4-2002) 2x 2048 x 4096 mosaic, 4096 pixels spectral
standard field size 16 x 16 square elements (8''x8'')
spatial sampling 0.5''x0.5'' per lens

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