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In search for the furthest galaxies

teaserAn international research team is performing a program in search for the furthest galaxies in the universe. But distant objects are also very faint. For this reason, the search relies upon one of the strangest implications of general relativity: the amplification of light coming from remote bodies due to the gravitational effects of closer ones, the gravitational lensing effect. Calar Alto telescopes and instruments are contributing to this research…



Jesús Aceituno has been appointed Director of Calar Alto Observatory


September 5th 2016

The researcher, who took office as Calar Alto Observatory Deputy Director since May 2014, has been appointed by CSIC and MPG, the observatory management institutions.

In May 2014, after José María Quintana resignation as Calar Alto Observatory Director, Jesús Aceituno assumed the management of the institution as Deputy Director, in a very difficult and upheaval period for the center, and with a very restrictive budget.





University of Almería (UAL) and Calar Alto Observatory ( CAHA) will enhance astronomical knowledge


July 8th 2016

This Friday, July 8th, a delegation from the University of Almería (UAL) has visited Calar Alto Observatory installations. Among the collaboration projects that will be launched, stand out the creation of an astronomical lecture room at the UAL, the incorporation of trainees at the Observatory and the creation of a summer course that approach its work to the whole society.

The University of Almería (UAL), Calar Alto Observatory (CAHA) and Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA-CSIC) have ratify a compromise in order to continue with the UAL-CSIC collaboration agreement signed in 1996, progressing in some of its contents. This Friday July 8th, a delegation from UAL, headed by the rector Carmelo Rodriguez, has visited Calar Alto Observatory installations, the biggest observatory in Europe mainland.




Calar Alto beats its historic yearly record of observing time

teaserThe German-Spanish Astronomical Centre (CAHA), better known as Calar Alto Observatory, has beaten in 2012 its yearly record of efficiency, measured as time devoted to observation...



The weird system of star CVSO 30: two planets at extreme distances

portadaJuly 6th 2016

A direct image has been taken of a planet so far away from his star that it takes twenty-seven thousand years for completing one orbit, and it shares the system with another planet which completes its orbit in just eleven hours.

Calar Alto Observatory (CAHA, MPG/CSIC) 2.2m Telescope and the Astralux camera has been used on this observation campaign.




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