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Summary: The "Bonn University Simultaneous CAmera" (BUSCA) is a CCD camera system which allows simultaneous direct imaging of the same sky area in four colors for the Calar Alto 2.2m telescope in Spain.
Detector: 3x CCD485 Lockheed Martin, 4096 x 4096 pixels with 15µm x 15 µm, frontside devices, 1 CCD485 backside thinned (in the uv channel).
Focal Station: Mounted at Cassegrain focus.
Instrument Responsible: Klaus Reif and Oliver Cordes (at University of Bonn)
Ana Guijarro (at Calar Alto)

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Observer's manual
Technical Characteristics and Available Filters
Image Gallery
Signal Calculator
Bias Level and Readout Noise
Flat field

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Last update: March 2004
A. Guijarro