Summary: OMEGA-CASS provides imaging and spectroscopic modes over 1.0 - 2.5 microns. Imaging polarimetry and spectropolarimetry modes are also available. 
Detector: Rockwell 1024 x 1024 HgCdTe HAWAII array.
Focal Station: Mounted at Cassegrain focus with either f/10 or f/25 with ALFA.
Instrument Responsible: Jesus Aceituno  (at Calar Alto)
Rainer Lenzen (at Heidelberg)

Observer's manual
General info.
Instrument status
Detector,Image Scale,Filters, Grisms,Slits and Masks,Polarizers
Sensitivities and Calibrations
Dark current 
Bad pixel mask
Detector non lineality and saturation
Zero point for imaging and spectroscopy
Sky brightness measurement
Flexures of the instrument
Wavelenght calibration, map of arc lines
Checklists and Spares
Software tools 
Signal Calculators
            for imaging
            for spectroscopy

Last update: Jan 2001
J. Aceituno