Calar Alto Webcam

Full-size JPEG Image

The view:

The Webcam is located at the 2.2m Telescope. It is looking to the South West, pointing to our 1.23m Telescope and, far away, to Sierra Nevada.

You have 3 buttons on the left side of the image:

  1. You can see a nice view of Sierra Nevada by pressing the 'Zoom' Button. The Image will take about 10 seconds to be ready.
  2. Also, by clicking on 'Big Image' button, after aprox. 20 seconds, you'll see the same image as the normal one but with a big format
  3. Finally, press 'Movement' to see a 1 second refresh (about 7 if you're out from Calar Alto) of the image. Note: You will need a java-enabled browser

Please, note that during night time, no lights are liting on our Centre so, no image can be shown

E. Guindos - @IkeSoft - CAHA 2001