Automatic Weather Page Update Information

The Weather page is a very big page. It is plenty of graphics. Because of that loading this page from slow connections is not an exciting experience. Inside CAHA Network, working at 100Mbps, the page is loaded inmediately. Because this is not the same if you're visiting our web page from another place, refresh times are different for outside and inside connections. If you are on a computer at CAHA Network, the page is refreshed every minute. However, if you are a visitor from outside, the page will be loaded every 5 minutes. Anyway, you can reload the page with the "reload" button on your browser. There is another point you must know. Depending the browser you're using, you'll need to adjust it in order to have a properly page updates. This is valid for both outside and inside connections:

Netscape will update correctly the page text without intervention. But, because of a bug on some Netscape versions code, you'll must update it manually if you want all the graphics to load correctly. For doing this, press "SHIFT" key and "RELOAD" icon at the same time.
Again, with Microsoft Internet Explorer you'll need a little tricky thing. Go to "Tools -> Internet Options -> General" and then press "Configuration" button. Select "Test for a new version every time you visit the page". There is a point to take into account if you do this: you'll lose a little of speed.