Time Allocation Committee

Current members

name, first name city comment
Aceituno, Jesus Calar Alto Director
Amado, Pedro J. Granada Chair
Pasquali, Anna Heidelberg, University  
Pérez-Hoyos, Santiago Bilbao  
Lind, Karin Heidelberg, MPIA  
Papaderos, Polychronis Porto, Portugal  
Chávez, Miguel Puebla, México  
Suarez, Juan Carlos Granada substitute
Pedraz, Santos Calar Alto secretary (non-voting)

Next meeting

November 2017, evaluation of the proposals for Spring 2018 Semester, from January 1 to June 30

The Time Allocation Committee (TAC) evaluates the proposals for Open observing time at Calar Alto and for each proposal determines a rating and recommends a number of nights to be allocated.

The ratings, recommended number of nights to be allocated and the available number of nights for the semester define a cut-off rating for each telescope. Proposals with rating better than this cut-off are scheduled by the observatory director in a preliminary schedule. Due to scheduling constraints such as phase of the moon, instrument availability etc. the cut-off cannot be a hard margin. Therefore the actually allocated number of nights, the phase of the moon, or the time location within the semester may have to deviate from the application as well as from the recommendation of the TAC. In the extreme some proposals rated better than the cut-off may not be schedulable at all or a proposal with a rating near but below the cut-off may fill a slot and be scheduled.

It is evident that no changes can be made to the schedule after the observing times have been communicated to the observers.

Statutes of the TAC

Last updated: September 2017
Santos Pedraz