23/07/2013Jesus AceitunoMTO-201323/07/2013RIKE2 start workingFrom now, PMAS is going to work with the machine called Rike2. It is basically a clone of the old Rike2 but a bigger hard disk. The machine has been tested and shows an adequate performance.
28/06/2013Jesus Aceituno6-201328/06/201330/06/2013New PMAS runNo incidencies...
30/04/2013Jesus Aceituno5-201320/04/201325/04/2013New PMAS Run. Bias level too highAfter experience some problems with the vacuum, the dewar has been replaced, but the bias level seems to be very high. Mechanical staff discovered a problem in the lenght of the refilling pipe too short. This has been corrected and the bias level is again normal.
07/03/2013Jesus Aceituno4-201306/03/201316/03/2013New observing run for PMAS.CALIFA has just started a new observing run.
01/03/2013Santos Pedraz3-201301/03/201305/03/2013New PMAS runF13-3.5-032 -- LArr 16"x16" - V300
21/02/2013Jesus AceitunoMTO-2013Shipping boxes moved to first floor.The original shipping boxes of PMAS have been moved to the ALFA labor in the first floor of the 3.5m building.
03/02/2013Jesus Aceituno2-2013Pmas setup updated.A new campaing is going on with a new setup, PPAK, V500 grating. Internal collimator focus is 1000 what get close to the limit. Coll. temp=0.0
31/01/2013Santos Pedraz1-2013New observing runPMAS LensArray 1.0" V300 Sucessfully installed