CAST - The Calar Alto Submission Tool for Observing Proposals - allows the upload of your application via internet. Before using it for the first time please read carefully the information provided below.

No proposals are admitted for the time being.

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Some useful information

Although CAST is very easy to handle, there are some things you should keep in mind:

  • The total size of all uploaded files must not exceed 20 MBytes, a single file must not be larger than 3 MBytes. If you upload files larger than allowed, it may happen that you don't get an error message, just a blank page instead. This does not mean that the system hangs. Just reload the submission page, reduce the file-size and try again.
  • The first file to upload must be the LaTeX file, followed by the other files (figures), if needed. Find more information about the files files to be submitted here.
  • You may submit a test run to check your application. To this end uncomment the 'TestRun' entry in the LaTeX file.
  • Any communication during test runs is made via the e-mail address you provide in this web form. The final notification of the successful submission will be also sent to the P.I.'s address as specified in the proposal.
  • The 'normal' processing needs, depending on the size of the LaTeX file, approximately 10 - 30 seconds. Near the deadline this time may be longer as simultaneous submissions will be queued - a good reason to send the proposals well in advance.
  • After the submission a process ID is returned and you will get a message about the processing of you application. This process ID is not the final proposal ID!
  • The successful processing of your proposal will be confirmed by e-mail, which contains also the proposal ID. In a separate mail you receive a printable version as sent to the TAC referees. Please check this postscript file and report any discrepancies or problems (see below).
Some technical issues regarding the browser:
  • Do not use the "BACK" button of your browser if you want to repeat any action during the upload procedure. Many browsers just submit the same information again when going back to the previous page. Use instead the button "Reload Submission Page" on the top of the upload pages.
  • When filling in the text boxes do not use the "RETURN" key, which would immediately submit the information. Use instead the "TAB" key or click into the fields.

In case of problems

If you encounter any problem or difficulty with the submission, please contact Santos Pedraz (

But beware that near the deadline the amount of submissions uses to increase considerably and it can be difficult or impossible to help you in an efficient way. You help us and yourself by preparing your proposal well in advance.